Motors TV coverage of Race of Champions peaks with 44,000 viewers

Live coverage of the Race of Champions event from Thailand on Motors TV peaked with 44,000 viewers, overnight viewing figures show.

Saturday’s coverage averaged 13,000 viewers (0.11% share), peaking with 42,000 (0.36% share), whilst Sunday’s coverage from 13:00 to 16:00 averaged 23,000 viewers (0.21% share), peaking with 44,000 viewers (0.34% share). Both peaks occurred at the climax of the proceedings at 15:40.

Obviously while the raw figures are low, when you compare them to Sky Sports F1’s other programming, the figures hold up very well. The figures are also significantly above Motors TV’s usual Sunday figures, last Sunday (9th December) the channel recorded zero viewers for the majority of that afternoon, whilst Sky Sports F1 also recorded zero yesterday afternoon.

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  1. It’s a pity this event isn’t on terrestrial TV as with some of the big names involved you would think they would get a decent amount of viewers. Also would get the event much better publicized rather than just hardened motorsports fans knowing it exists.

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