Sky Sports F1 – Top 10 ratings (week ending 6th May, 2012)

From BARB:

1 – 83k – The F1 Show (Friday, 20:00)
2 – 19k – 2003 Season Review: Part 1 (Friday, 21:00)
3 – 19k – 2004 Season Review: Part 2 (Saturday, 22:30)
4 – 11k – Chinese Grand Prix Replay (Sunday, 11:00)
5 – 9k – 2004 Season Review: Part 1 (Saturday, 21:03)
6 – 9k – Malaysian Grand Prix Highlights (Tuesday, 21:02)
7 – 8k – Australian Grand Prix Replay (Saturday, 11:00)
8 – 8k – Bahrain Grand Prix: GP2 Race 1 Replay (Thursday, 17:01)
9 – 8k – Fast Track (Tuesday, 18:59)
10 – 7k – 2003 Season Review: Part 2 (Friday, 22:18)

On the bright note, The F1 Show recorded it’s highest individual figure since launch. That’s about the only bright note. Only four shows above ten thousand viewers which is the lowest number for the channel so far. This is not really surprising though – in the three week gap between Malaysia and China, the second ‘off week’ performed worser than the first, and that is exactly the same here, with this week performing worser than last week.

The weekly reach for the channel is the lowest yet, albeit very marginally. The channel reached 607 thousand viewers for the week ending 6th May, compared with 608 thousand viewers for the week ending 8th April. Overall, though it’s not particularly surprising, although it shows why Sky needs to put more of an effort into its mid-week programming as I showed in Part 4 of my ‘The Verdict so Far’ series.


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