Scheduling: The Hungarian Grand Prix

From Germany, it is a frantic rush as the teams’ pack up quickly ready to hop over to Hungary for the Hungarian Grand Prix, part of the third double header so far this season.

In terms of the BBC and Sky personnel, I believe it is status quo compared to Germany, the only difference being that Natalie Pinkham is back after her wedding. The schedule as always, is below, although I’m unsure if Inside F1 will actually air on Friday 27th July due to build-up to the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Qualifying is on BBC Two, with the Race on BBC One, both highlights of course.

All of the radio coverage is on 5 Live Sports Extra, again, due to the Olympics coverage. Ben Edwards is the commentator for Friday, with James Allen back for Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday 26th July
14:00 to 14:45 – F1: Driver Press Conference (Sky Sports F1)

Friday 27th July
08:45 to 10:50 – F1: Practice 1 (Sky Sports F1)
08:55 to 10:35 – F1: Practice 1 (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
10:50 to 11:30 – GP2: Practice (Sky Sports F1)
12:45 to 14:55 – F1: Practice 2 (Sky Sports F1)
12:55 to 14:35 – F1: Practice 2 (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
14:55 to 15:35 – GP2: Qualifying (Sky Sports F1)
16:00 to 16:45 – F1: Team Press Conference (Sky Sports F1)
17:00 to 18:00 – The F1 Show (Sky Sports F1)
18:45 to 19:00 – Inside F1 (BBC News Channel)

Saturday 28th July
08:40 to 09:20 – GP3: Qualifying (Sky Sports F1)
09:45 to 11:10 – F1: Practice 3 (Sky Sports F1)
09:55 to 11:05 – F1: Practice 3 (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
12:00 to 14:35 – F1: Qualifying (Sky Sports F1)
12:55 to 14:05 – F1: Qualifying (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
14:35 to 16:05 – GP2: Race 1 (Sky Sports F1)
16:15 to 17:10 – GP3: Race 1 (Sky Sports F1)
17:15 to 18:30 – F1: Qualifying Highlights (BBC Two and BBC HD)

Sunday 29th July
08:20 to 09:10 – GP3: Race 2 (Sky Sports F1)
09:30 to 10:35 – GP2: Race 2 (Sky Sports F1)
11:30 to 16:15 – F1: Race (Sky Sports F1)
12:45 to 15:00 – F1: Race (BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra)
17:00 to 18:30 – F1: Race Highlights (BBC One)
18:30 to 19:30 – F1: Forum (BBC Red Button)

As always, the timings are subject to slight alterations, so I shall update this blog if and when that happens.


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