Sky Sports F1 – Top 10 ratings (week ending 29th July, 2012)

From BARB:

1 – 718k – Live Hungarian Grand Prix (Sunday, 11:30)
2 – 366k – Live Hungarian Grand Prix: Qualifying (Saturday, 12:00)
3 – 63k – Live Hungarian Grand Prix: Practice 2 (Friday, 12:45)
4 – 49k – Live Hungarian Grand Prix: Practice 3 (Saturday, 09:45)
5 – 40k – Live Hungarian Grand Prix: Practice 1 (Friday, 08:45)
6 – 29k – The F1 Show (Friday, 17:00)
7 – 26k – Hungarian Grand Prix: Practice 1 Replay (Friday, 18:01)
8 – 25k – Behind the Scenes with Force India (Sunday, 16:18)
9 – 25k – Fast Track (Sunday, 10:58)
10 – 24k – Hungarian Grand Prix: Qualifying Replay (Saturday, 17:24)

This bit really is mainly directed to Formula One Management and the FIA, not Sky Sports, but the “Idiots Guide to Scheduling” tells you not to schedule a Formula 1 race during the Olympic Games period. Although the race itself did well considering, everything else fell down like a stack of cards. The practice ratings are dismally low – the lowest since the season opener in Australia for live sessions on Sky Sports F1 – while it seems anything to do with GP2 and GP3 was under 24,000 viewers during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. A major, major ouch. Not surprising, but still extremely low numbers.

Dumbstruck would be the word to describe the scheduling by those high up this season, as I outlined in this piece. Those at FIA and FOM appear to think that scheduling Formula 1 races during the European Championship’s and the Olympics will help ratings. Not true, it will only hurt ratings for those rounds as attention is diverted elsewhere.

Again, both Qualifying and Race figures are the worst since 2008, but as I said earlier, I think the race did well considering, and in fact was not that far down on the last three years.

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome.


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