Twitter goes retweeting crazy as F1 journalists break the Grosjean news

Romain Grosjean has been banned from the Italian Grand Prix as a result of the multiple car pile up at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix. Within seconds of the decision being announced, Twitter lighted up with a lot of Formula 1 journalists tweeting the news instantly, and others favouriting and retweeting it. The first on my particular timeline to break the news was Ian Parkes. The following is based on my timeline from 16:41 to 16:51, with the amount of times each tweet has been retweeted and favourited up to about 17:20/17:25 UK time.

16:41 – Ian Parkes (Press Association) – 210 retweets, 5 favourites
16:41 – Pete Gill (Sky Sports) – 214 retweets
16:42 – Simon Strang (AUTOSPORT) – 10 retweets
16:43 – Jonathan Noble (AUTOSPORT) – 197 retweets, 10 favourites
16:43 – Jennie Gow (BBC) – 31 retweets
16:43 – Andrew Benson (BBC) – 118 retweets, 2 favourites
16:44 – Will Buxton (SPEED) – 17 retweets, 1 favourite
16:44 – Adam Cooper – 92 retweets
16:45 – Tom Cary (Daily Telegraph) – 20 retweets, 1 favourite
16:46 – Joe Saward – 9 retweets
16:46 – Dimi Papadopoulos – 3 retweets
16:46 – Sky Sports F1 – 536 retweets, 14 favourites
16:47 – Jake Humphrey (BBC) – 727 retweets, 50 favourites
16:49 – – 23 retweets
16:50 – Natalie Pinkham (Sky) – 9 retweets, 1 favourite
16:51 – Lee McKenzie – 281 retweets, 17 favourites

From those 16 tweets, which all say the same thing in one way or another, the most retweeted tweet comes from Jake Humphrey, despite reporting the news six minutes later than the first tweet in the list, thanks to his large amount of followers, especially some with probably little interest in Formula 1. The 16 tweets were retweeted by a massive 2,497 users (you can probably minus 5 percent off that for those that retweeted multiple of the above), while if you include the favourites column, that number increases to 2,598 tweets, although favourites don’t appear on other people’s timelines while retweets do.

As I outline every week in my blog, half of the Formula 1 drivers currently have over 100,000 followers, but over in broadcasting, the Sky Sports F1 account has 154,434 followers which would place it sixth in that list, while Jake Humphrey has nearly 600,000 followers which would place him fourth in the drivers’ list!

Of course, most of the above 16 accounts are Formula 1 specific accounts, more general accounts tend to have a lot more followers, and therefore are likely to get retweeted more often. Either way, the above is just a look at how far and wide 16 tweets can go on the “Twitter universe”. If we didn’t have Twitter chances are you wouldn’t have found that out until a few hours later, or via some other medium, such as a news channel, but because of Twitter the news was found instantly and retweeted to thousands of other people.


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