Formula E terminates contract with Ben Constanduros after one round

Without a permanent commentator, and now without another of their personnel, after just one race of the new season. Formula E has terminated their agreement with Ben Constanduros, this site can confirm.

Constanduros has worked on Eurosport’s World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) coverage for eight years alongside the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Race of Champions. In Hong Kong last month, he was working with Formula E as magazine and social media presenter alongside Sian Welby. Formula E’s magazine show is produced by Aurora Media and Little Dot Studios.

The details behind his departure can be best described as bizarre, and can be traced back to Constanduros’ WTCC activity. This site understands that Constanduros was removed from Eurosport’s WTCC programming by François Ribeiro (the Head of Eurosport Events). Following his move to TCR International and Formula E, Constanduros was again in the firing line from Ribeiro after he found out that Constanduros was involved in their coverage.

Remember that Discovery (who owns Eurosport) is a minor stakeholder in Formula E, although Constanduros did present Le Mans coverage for Eurosport back in June. A source inside Formula E has confirmed that Ribeiro recommended Constanduros’ removal to them, but on what grounds is not known.

Speaking to this site, Constanduros said “I am devastated not to be able to continue covering the championship,” adding that he has not had any response regarding why he is not in Marrakech. Despite Constanduros parting company with Formula E, his work is still being promoted and uploaded to Formula E’s social media channels, such as Twitter and YouTube. Constanduros has since shut down his Twitter account.

Regular readers will be aware that the current Formula E line-up is in a state of flux. Martin Haven was the lead commentator in Hong Kong and will be in Marrakech, but beyond that is currently unknown. The expectation is that Jack Nicholls will return as lead commentator when he is not covering Formula 1 for the BBC, as will Bob Varsha when Formula E returns to the United States, but this has yet to be confirmed.

In a statement to this blog, Formula E said “Unfortunately we are not able to provide a comment on the employment decisions of our suppliers.” Little Dot Studios did not respond to a request for comment at time of publication.


2 thoughts on “Formula E terminates contract with Ben Constanduros after one round

  1. Seems harsh that Ben has been ousted. He did a good job for Formula E and didn’t deserve this treatment, no matter what he did. I mean, look at Piquet Jnr., not just Crashgate but his subsequent behaviour in NASCAR where he threw around homophobic slurs and punched other drivers below the belt. Suddenly he shows up in Formula E and all is forgiven; fair play to the guy, he mends his ways a bit and wins the championship. But Ben isn’t granted the same courtesy, probably because he’s not got an F1 world champion as his father and this Ribero guy has an axe to grind. Money talks.

  2. This bothers me. I enjoyed him doing TCR as well. I had no idea he was let go. I wish i knew more as I don’t understand what has happened here. It sounds SUPER personal. First the guy and follow him to make sure he doesn’t work anywhere near you? Petty stuff and then to continue to use his material is just disrespectful. I really enjoyed hearing him describe TCR and his interactions with his fans of the series. Great lad. He will be missed and I hope he pops up again somewhere soon.

    Whatever happened Ribero I’m deeply annoyed by this and shame on you.

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